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Chapter 4: Alayna Marie Sweets

From personalized birthday cakes to holiday themed bundles, Alayna Marie Sweets has an amazing range of tasty and eye catching desserts! Alayna is someone I have worked alongside with and I am very excited about this chance to share some of her knowledge. Read more to learn about her meaningful start and some of things she's learned along the way as a woman in business!

Alayna - Alayna Marie Sweets

I always like to begin by asking how/why did you start, and what inspires you to keep going?


I was 17 when I started working for my aunt’s bakery in Glassboro. That was Ms. Chrissy’s Sweet Cafe on High street! It was a small family owned business. I started working there as I could walk there from campus and my aunt needed some extra hands. It was there that I learned how to bake and decorate. It was only a few months until I learned HOW to run the business. In 2018, my aunt was diagnosed with cancer and we closed the bakery. I was now the family’s go-to for desserts and I made them in my home. In 2020, my Aunt Chrissy passed away and I launched Alayna Marie Sweets in her honor using her recipes and teachings. The memories and legacy of my Aunt is what keeps me going. 

I commend you for continuing in what must have been a difficult time. You are carrying the legacy well. Since you have been doing this for some time now, what would you say is your favorite part about running the business?


My favorite part about being in this business is being able to connect with families and be a part of their big milestones. I have a family who asked me to make the treats for their gender reveal and now I’m making the baby’s 5th birthday cake! I also love being able to create art through dessert!

That's awesome! I'm sure being a part of family's milestones and special occasions must be very rewarding. Also there are so many ways to express art and the use of desserts is certainly one of them! Throughout this journey can you share one lesson you’ve learned about life or business in general?


Through my journey, I really had to learn to love what I do. At one point, I was so busy with orders, I felt like a baking machine. I wasn’t putting as much love and detail into my work, I was just trying to finish the order and get it out. I lost the passion of creating. I had to learn how to prioritize my mental health and remember why I started this business which was to create and honor a legacy. 

That definitely makes sense. I know when I start to feel overwhelmed I have to take a step back and remember my "why". What advice would you give to someone about managing a business while also pursuing other things like school, family, work etc. ?


I would 100% tell everyone to prioritize yourself. Your business is only a part of who you are. You put your love and care into it, but do not let it consume you. Do it because it makes you happy. Do not put your family, friends, or school on the backburner just because you are starting your business. Definitely lock in to your goal, but don’t be blinded to the love and support around you. 

Speaking of support, is there anyone in your life or community who made an impact on your success that you want to give a shout out to?


I would love to give the biggest shout out to my Woca & Moca Family! Those that I have met at Rowan through these organizations have not only supported me, but continuously patronize my business. They’re constantly giving me opportunities to promote my business and my success. 

Shout out to them! Having people around that support you as a person is so important. To finish off we ask every guest this last question. Clouds and Colors is all about changing your mind and in turn changing your world. Sometimes situations don’t always go as planned. Is there a time when changing your mindset about something changed the outcome?


Everyday. What a lot of people don’t know about me is that I struggle severely with anxiety. As time has hit me through the years with some life altering events, I had to change my mindset to understand that things happen for a reason. There may be times when I do not understand the “why” in the moment, but one day it will all make sense.

I agree with that fully. Thank you so much for taking the time to share! How can we find you to stay in touch with Alayna Marie Sweets and learn more about what you have to offer?


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